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"Dr. Mel is exactly the chiropractor I have been looking for for years. I value how present she is during my visits, her holistic approach to achieving optimal health, and I feel incredibly empowered after my visits. It is refreshing to find such an empathetic, compassionate, and thorough provider."


"Dr. Mel has been the first chiropractor I've seen that took the whole picture/story into consideration when treating me and worked with my body in a very gentle way! She's pretty fantastic and just a joy to be around."


"Dr. Mel is absolutely wonderful! She is truly a healer with her hands, and really takes the time to listen to you. 10/10 would recommend."


"As someone who deals with chronic pain daily, I accepted long ago that flaring up after a Chiropractic adjustment was just a part of the process and all for the greater good - until I started working with Dr. Morris... Dr. Mel has hands down been the most gentle, intuitive, and effective Chiropractor I've ever seen. It's like she's able to hear my body in ways I can't and uncover pain points I've either never mentioned to her or never knew I had! All I know is, when I walk out her door, I feel physically lighter, am in less pain with no extra flare-ups, and even feel happier somehow. It's pretty awesome and I can't recommend her enough."


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