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Embrace Wellness this Winter

The holidays came and went in a blur, it is hard to believe we are already into 2024!  It has been such a joy being back in practice and seeing your faces each week.  If I haven’t seen you since my return in September, here is your reminder to call Molly and jump on the schedule!  This month we are discussing staying WELL throughout the winter- keep reading for the top tips.

I always find it interesting that we think of winter as “flu season”, when in reality the flu knows no season, but is just a result of less sunshine, less movement, increased stress and over indulging in holiday treats…. sound familiar?   Let’s find some ways to combat these stressors this season!

1. Get Adjusted!

But you knew I was going to say that.  Each adjustment is like a deep breath for your nervous system! Melt the tension off your shoulders and allow your body to relax.  Well adjusted bodies are better able to handle stress, and let’s be honest- the holiday season comes with it’s fair share of stress! Schedule your next adjustment here.

2. Move Mindfully

Sure, the weather is not the most inviting, but getting outside for a 30 minute walk can turn your day around!  Fresh air and movement not only benefit our physical bodies, but the increase in blood and energy flow increases mental clarity and can reliably lift our spirits.  Instead of relying on motivation to get outside, simply make a plan and stick to it- grab your raincoat and get out there, I promise you won’t regret it!

3. Boost your Immunity

The lack of sunshine in the PNW winters is no joke- let’s make sure we are supplementing appropriately.  That means vitamin D is a necessity, consider a good probiotic, elderberry at the onset of any yucky symptoms (great for kids too!) and minerals like zinc and magnesium. I am happy to send you my favorite brands that you can order straight to your door- just ask!

4. Take a Sleep Inventory

Quality sleep is fundamental for overall health and can positively impact your mood, immune function, and cognitive performance.  Let’s check in on your sleep hygiene- Do you keep consistent sleep/wake times each day?  Do you get enough deep sleep?  Do you have a night time routine?  Are you getting natural light in your eyes in the morning?  Just asking yourself these questions may show you some areas that could use improvement.  I LOVE using my Oura ring to track my sleep quality and for it’s little reminders about bedtime approaching.  This could be a great gift for the data-loving wellness junkie- I have a discount code if you are interested!

If you know anyone who could benefit from chiropractic care- maybe they need help managing stress or they are ready to tackle new fitness goals in the new year and want to keep their body in top shape- send them my way!  The best compliment is a referral :)

I am SO grateful to be a part of your wellness journey,

Dr. Mel Morris

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